Studied agrosystems

  • Temperate and Mediterranean agroforestry systems

    Temperate and Mediterranean agroforestry systems
    Agroforestry is an increasingly mentioned way of ecologically intensifying agricultural production. In both temperate and Mediterranean zones, it is often a matter of combining one or more woody species with annual crops to obtain a mixed cropping system, managed over the long term to produce and to protect the environment.

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  • Tropical agroforestry systems

    Système agroforestier à base de cacaoyers Cordia, de Musacées et de Palmacées au Costa Rica © Cirad, O. Deheuvels
    Today, tropical agroforestry systems, which are mostly cultivated by smallholders, are being reconsidered by agronomists, especially coffee- and cocoa-based systems analysed by the System joint research unit.

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  • Wine-growing systems

    Vigne enherbée. © R. Métral, UMR System, 2012
    Wine-growing systems are very labour- and input-intensive: row structure, manual interventions for plant management, increasing mechanization of cultural practices, varieties susceptible to pests and diseases. The intensive use of phytosanitary inputs entails risks for water quality and for human health.

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  • Mediterranean cereal systems

    Cultures associées © UMR System
    Today, with growing demand for cereal products, food security in southern Mediterranean countries is threatened by agricultural production shortfalls and by cropping conditions that are becoming increasingly difficult due to worsening aridity.

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